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May 14  Private Jeremy and Amanda's Wedding
May 17  Public General Meeting
May 21 Private Grad Event
May 28  Private Mel and Kyle's Wedding

June 1   Private Young Life Fundraiser
June 4   Private Gill Party
June 7   Private Legacy Event
June 11  Public Matsqui Hall Garage Sale
June 18  Private Erica and Kyle's event
June 21  Public General Meeting
June 24 Private Irish Dancer Event

June 25     Private Nelson and Suzanna Wedding 

July 2     Private Jake and Rachel's Wedding
July 9     Public Fraser Valley Youth Society Drag Show.
July 16 Private Cameron  and Katie's Wedding
July 19 Public General Meeting
July 30 Private Valeri and Dylan's Wedding 

August 6.  Private Chima event
August 20 Private Sardis Secondary 30 Year Reunion

September 3 Private Ken and Jen's Wedding
September 11
Public Hero's Comic Convention
September 17 Private Special Olympic Event
September 24 Private Cindy Event

October 1 
Public Fraser Valley Youth Society Drag Show.
October 22 Private Tamara and Brandon's Wedding
October 29 Private Katie event

November 5 Private Evan and Sam's Wedding
November 18 - 20 Public Rock and Gem Show
November 26 Public Fraser Valley Youth Society Drag Show.

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