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Hall Rentals & Policies

Events - Decorating - DJing- Food - Alcohol

Rental Policies: Programs


  • Kitchen facilities may be available

  • A $100 non refundable deposit is required to book an event

  • For larger events such as dances or shows, the renter may need to provide extra security

  • Event insurance is required

  • Liquor Licenses are Required for all events serving alcohol

  • Animals are not permitted in the hall without special permission


  • We have an on-site decorator and DJ if needed

  • All decorations and rental items brought in by the renter must be removed by the renter at the end of the event

  • Decorations, flowers and other items should be assembled or completed before bringing them into the hall

  • Confetti is not permitted in the hall

  • Staples or duct tape will not be used on the floors, walls or stage

  • No candles are permissible.

  • Special effects such as smoke shows, fire, sparklers, fog machines, large containers of water (Water tubs),  fireworks, or any decorations using live creatures are not permitted

Food  and Catering Services

​Matsqui Hall has some wonderful caterers who are recommended. Our renters may contact these caterers but you are free to hire a caterer of your choice but needs to be approved by Matsqui Hall.​

  • No foods can be prepared or cooked at the hall unless the kitchen is rented

  • Vendors must not sell foods that are considered higher risk unless approved to do so by the local Health Authority.

  • Dishes or cutlery may be available or these can be provided through your caterer.


  • We can handle it all for you for an extra fee but, feel free to hire your own bartenders.  Must have Serving It Right

  • Alcohol is permitted with a Special Occasion License (SOL). The renter can apply for the Special Occasion License.  

  • The renter provides the alcohol in the amounts allowed within your Special Occasion License.

  • U-Brews and U-Vins cannot be served at the hall under a Special Occasion License

  • The hall bar is not set up for kegs of beer - only bottles and cans.

  • Alcohol can only be consumed within the hall only and not in the parking lot or court yard.

  • No THC or illegal drug use on the property.

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